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Speed BracketAt Vaughan Orthodontics, we utilize a very unique type of self-ligating bracket or brace to move teeth. It is one of the smallest, most advanced orthodontic brackets available, from SPEED™ System Orthodontics. This allows for a number of significant advantages:

  • The unique self-ligating design permits significant appliance miniaturization. This allows the brackets to be up to 50% smaller than traditional metal brackets. SPEED™ patients appreciate the superior esthetics and jewel-like appearance of the SPEED appliance.
  • SPEED™ permits the use of extremely light forces by eliminating the high frictional resistance of traditionally-designed braces. In addition, the smooth rounded design minimizes soft tissue irritation.
  • Shorter treatment times can often be obtained via the use of self-ligating brackets versus conventional appliances due to their greater efficiency
  • Fewer office visits are one other reason why our patients prefer self-ligating appliances, as they can often require fewer adjustment visits.
  • All of the above translate into greater comfort and convenience for our patients

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